ADKnits is an independent hand-knitting business launched in 2009. Everything I knit is created by hand, using only natural fibers and blends. I place high value on craftsmanship, quality materials, and the people who choose to incorporate my designs into their lives.
Through ADKnits, I’m looking for a connection with the natural world, the people around me, and a simpler way of doing things – a concept that has become all but forgotten in our culture. Whenever possible, I purchase my supplies from local sources and independent yarn shops in my community.

I love the outdoors and try to incorporate the natural world into my lifestyle as much as possible. My designs feature nature-inspired motifs, earthy rustic colors, and of course, natural fibers like wool, cotton, alpaca, soy, and bamboo.

When I'm not knitting, I garden, eat, organize obsessively, and converse with my dog.

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